Shandong Hengwang Group Co., Ltd.

Hengwang leads new ideas in e-commerce and flexibly hires foreign employees
Apr 28, 2021 Company Dynamics

The sudden epidemic in early 2020 caused great harm to the world, which Chinese companies are not immune. This crisis has made business managers realize that the traditional simplification of employment has been difficult to cope with sudden market changes, and human resource strategies must be changed.

The managers of Hengwang Group adhere to the development strategy of "bring in, go out", decisively implement a combination of fixed local employees and flexible employment of foreign employees, effectively improve the response speed of human resource allocation to business needs. We have successfully recruited 2 foreign employees in Pakistan and Congo to take charge of the business in our country and neighboring countries, and have achieved initial results.

The flexible employment model can make up for the shortcomings of the traditional employment model, and can reasonably integrate existing resources to meet the needs of enterprise development. Due to the particularity of foreign employees' culture and nationality, flexible employment models are very beneficial to both the company and the foreign employees. Hengwang Group has adapted to the situation, seized opportunities, adopted a flexible employment model, and better promoted the Hengwang brand to "go global."