Shandong Hengwang Group Co., Ltd.

  • HWJH16T Truck Crane
    HWJH16T Truck Crane
      Lifting speed : Three pumps combined
      Swing speed : 0-3rap
      Power: 147kw200hp
  • HW-10 Euro V Crawler Excavator
    HW-10 Euro V Crawler Excavator
      Operation weight: 840kg
      Bucket capacity: 0.025m³
      Rated Power: 8.2Kw
  • HW-10-4 Excavator
    HW-10-4 Excavator
      Operation weight: 800kg
      Bucket capacity: 0.025m³
      Rated power: 7.6Kw
  • HW-18S Crawler Excavator
    HW-18S Crawler Excavator
      Operation weight: 1800kg
      Bucket capacity: 0.1m³
      Rated Power: 22.1Kw
  • HWL80 Wheel Excavator
    HWL80 Wheel Excavator
      Machine weight: 7200Kg
      Bucket Capacity: 0.28m3
      Rated Power: 48Kw
  • HW-S600C Double Drum Road Roller
    HW-S600C Double Drum Road Roller
      Weight: 650Kg
      Rated Power: 8Hp
      Exciting force: 30Kn
  • HW3000L Crawler Dumper
    HW3000L Crawler Dumper
      Max.payload (T): 3.0
      Power (hp): 25
      Overall size (L*W*H) (mm): 3400*1500*1700
  • HWC-35A All-terrain forklift
    HWC-35A All-terrain forklift
      Power: 36.8kw
      Tire: big 20.5/70-16
      Lift height: 3m
  • HW15-26 Backhoe Loader
    HW15-26 Backhoe Loader
      Loader Bucket Capacity: 0.7m3
      Digging Bucket Capacity: 0.2m3
      Digging Force: 28KN
  • HWJB200 Concrete Mixer Truck
    HWJB200 Concrete Mixer Truck
      Mixing Capacity: 2.0m3
      Rated Power: 76Kw
      Machine Weight: 4880Kg
  • HWL110 Wheel Excavator
    HWL110 Wheel Excavator
      Operation weight: 9200Kg
      Bucket Capacity: 0.3m3
      Rated Power: 62.5Kw
  • HW2T Ride On Road Roller
    HW2T Ride On Road Roller
      Weight: 2000kg
      Rated Power: 16hp
      Exciting force: 30Kn
  • HW5000L Crawler Dumper
    HW5000L Crawler Dumper
      Max.payload (T): 5.0
      Power(Kw): 60
      Overall size (L*W*H) (mm): 3500*1600*1700
  • Electric Forklift
    Electric Forklift
      Max.Load Capacity: 3T
      Max.Lift Height: 3m
      Operation Mode: Seated
  •  Milling and digging machine
    Milling and digging machine
      Milling speed: 25~40m3/h
      Milling range: Weathered rock, tuff, concrete
      Milling depth: 50~ 80cm
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