Shandong Hengwang Group Co., Ltd.

  •  Milling and digging machine
    Milling and digging machine
      Milling speed: 25~40m3/h
      Milling range: Weathered rock, tuff, concrete
      Milling depth: 50~ 80cm
  • Augers
      Hydraulic system: US Eaton
      Drilling radius: : 30~50cm
      Drilling depth: 15~20m
  • Ripper
      Hengwang ripper is used for excavating cracked rock, breaking frozen soil, and also for excavating asphalt pavement.
  • Hammer
      Impact Energy Enhanced Construction
      Lightweight and low maintenance
      Flow adjustable device
  • DTH Excavators Drill Attachment
    DTH Excavators Drill Attachment
      360° hole punching
      DTH drill fast footage
      Realize a multi-purpose machine
  • Excavator trailer
    Excavator trailer
      excavator transport
      High economic benefits
      Strong load-bearing capacity
  • Wood grabber
    Wood grabber
      The main function is to carry out the loading, unloading and handling operations of wood, lumber, reed, straw and various strip materials.
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